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Specific Duties as Your Buyer’s Agent


  • Help narrow down and find a property that will fit your specific needs.


  • Assist in researching the property once a decision is made (tax records, any exemptions filed for any past issues or code violations, etc…)


  • Explain and go over all items in the real estate contract. Educating you on all the different elements of a real estate contract (there is a lot more than just price that is involved in a contract).


  • Research and educate you through the process as well as conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) going over price and condition of properties that have recently sold to come up with an offer price.


  • Conduct negotiations with the seller on your behalf with your best interests in mind. 


  • Coordinate and put you in contact with several certified and competent Home Inspection Companies for you to decide from if you choose to have a home inspection done on the property.


  • I will be in complete contact with your lender throughout the process, making sure any documentation is filled out correctly and in a timely manner, coordinate an appraisal on the property and go over and explain any mortgage documents that you may have questions with. 


  • I will also be in constant contact with the lawyers and assist in making sure a title search is pulled and that you will not have any issues before or after closing. 



In short, I will act as your advisor, negotiator and facilitator for this transaction keeping your best interests in mind.  If you have any questions or would like me to put you in contact with any of my past clients that I have worked with, I would be happy to pass along their names and contact information.  You can also view testimonials on my website from past clients that have either written letters to my managing brokers praising me on my performance as well as comments taken directly off of our customer satisfaction surveys that are conducted by a third party after every transaction.

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